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SPOTLIGHT: Getting Hydrogen Right: Aligning Growth and Climate Goal


Session 1: Collaboration Amongst Clean Hydrogen Leaders: Critical Projects & Policies Driving the Energy Transition

  • Updates on major projects and latest hydrogen advancements in the Americas 
  • The importance of demand incentives: How can we drive the industry forward through collaboration, policy and legislation?  
  • Successful projects from around the world providing useful case studies for the Americas 
  • Where is greater regulatory support needed to unlock projects?  
  • Hydrogen decarbonization partnerships in the Americas: US, Canada and Latin America 
  • The latest clean hydrogen incentives and the most optimal ways to implement these 

Networking Coffee Break

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Session 2: Hydrogen Decarbonizing Hard to Abate Sectors

  • Key industrial sectors with hydrogen applications: Cement, steel, petrochemicals, transport, mining and others  
  • Cross-sector partnerships to secure long-term demand from hard to abate sectors 
  • Collaboration to achieve FID: How must clusters work together to ensure project success?  
  • Case studies of heavy industrial hydrogen use for decarbonization  
  • How can clean hydrogen tax credits positively impact hard to abate sectors? 

Networking Lunch

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Session 3: Attracting Investment into Clean Hydrogen Projects: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Is collaboration the key to successfully developing clean H2 projects? 
    • Case study successes
  • Public Private Partnerships: What more can be done to drive forward investment in the energy transition?  
  • De-risking investment opportunities to accelerate capital flow into hydrogen 
  • Case Studies in successful project funding and financial instruments working worldwide  
  • Offtake agreements fit for a future hydrogen economy  

Session 4: Electrolyser Technology Developments: Showcasing World Class Excellence in Technology

  • Scaling up electrolysis for large scale adoption  
  • Collaboration to drive innovation: Driving development and sales of electrolyzer components  
  • Lowering costs for clean hydrogen production 
  • Challenges for the Power Grid when scaling up electrolysis 
  • Meeting key challenges in the built environment with clean tech innovation  

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Session 5: Ammonia’s Clean Energy Potential

  • Supply and demand for low-emission ammonia: as a fuel and as a hydrogen carrier 
  • Standardization, regulation, and certification of ammonia to enable cross-regional hydrogen trade 
  • Scaling up production to meet the future demand volumes necessary to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 
  • Advancing infrastructure and technology for large-scale ammonia adoption Bunkering and Ammonia Storage – next steps, timelines, and projects 

SPOTLIGHT: Developing Future Hydrogen Leaders: Paving the Way for the Next Generation

  • How will the US Hydrogen Hubs impact the next generation of future leaders?  
  • How do we attract talented people into the business?  
  • Upskilling from other sectors 
  • International partnerships to develop hydrogen workforce 

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Welcome Coffee


Session 6: Hydrogen’s Mobility and Distribution Applications on Land and Sea

  • Developing transportation and distribution efficiencies to reduce costs and unlock off-take 
  • Harnessing opportunities for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hydrogen ICE  
  • Case Study: Examples of successful H2 road mobility projects  
  • Fuelling infrastructure for trucks, buses and trains 
  • Challenges in deploying hydrogen vehicles on the road 
  • Advancements in hydrogen shipping technology 
  • Comparing purpose build and blended pipelines and the use of ammonia, methanol and LOHC as carriers 

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Session 7: Scaling Renewable Hydrogen Projects: Costs, Risks & Challenges

  • Location – The importance of finding and securing sites with good renewables resources and water access
  • Offtakers – How to find and secure offtakers
  • Choice of renewables – Is it better to have wind or solar, or are hybrid projects with both needed?
  • Rising equipment costs – How concerned should we be about the current impact of inflation?
  • Balance of plant and EPC: Cutting costs further

SPOTLIGHT: Hydrogen Safety: Enabling Success Through Effective Mindset Management

  • Codes and standards: Understanding the information needed to safely build, maintain and operate equipment, systems and facilities 
  • Safety Culture: A vital foundation for industry success 
  • How do we learn from experiences and incidents?  
    • Highlighting case studies to ensure a continual learning process with regards safety  
    • Building trust with customers to enable scaling up 

Networking Lunch


Session 8: Hydrogen’s Role in the Future of Global Decarbonization

  • Where should the hydrogen industry be in 5 years? 
  • What needs to happen for the hydrogen industry to reach its mid to long term goals? 
  • Where can demand incentives be introduced to ensure the next phase of industry growth?  
  • What are the opportunities and bottlenecks as the hydrogen industry progresses? 
  • How can we use what we have learned so far to accelerate the industry? 

Networking Coffee Break

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Session 9: Standardisation, Certification and Regulation for Global Export

  • Where are we on the market framework rules? 
  • Defining standards for international trade: handling and storing of hydrogen and derivatives 
  • Latest international partnerships working on mutual recognition of certification schemes  
  • Best practices and transparency in hydrogen standards adherence  

SPOTLIGHT: Advancements in Hydrogen Storage to Achieve a Sustainable, Low Carbon Future

  • Storage technology advancements, innovations & cost reductions  
  • Hybrid energy storage systems 
  • Salt caverns 
  • Liquefied hydrogen 
  • Compressed hydrogen storage 
  • Solid State Storage 

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