During the premier gathering for the global hydrogen community in the Americas region at the #H2Americas2023 Summit & Exhibition, we spoke to global and regional #hydrogen and #energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry, including an interview with Geoff Tuff, U.S. Hydrogen Lead at Deloitte.

“The panel was on the future of clean hydrogen, what we were talking about primarily was how we think about scaling clean hydrogen in the short to medium term, I was expecting to hear from some of our panelists when I asked the question about what time frames were relevant, that we’re looking at the 5, 10, 15 year time frame, but every single one said we got to get going tomorrow, and so a lot of the panel was discussing how we get going as quickly as possible, and actually start to drive some of that scale.

The hydrogen conferences that are being run, whether it’s Hydrogen Americas or World Hydrogen are absolutely critical for bringing different types of players together into one place to have discussions, not just formal discussion up on stage but all the people that you meet literally walking down the hallway are the people you end up doing business with, it’s true for Deloitte, it’s true for anyone that works anywhere in hydrogen, this is where you come to meet the players that actually matter.

So a big part of the discussion we had on the panel was really about the difference between being a first mover in hydrogen, no matter where you work in the value chain, or being a fast follower, and I left really energized from the panel having heard from every single one of them that they believe that there is real risk not being a first mover, and that gives me great hope that with a bit of policy clarification and a little bit more on the IRA, we are really going to see the clean hydrogen economy take off here in the U.S. and in the America’s more broadly.

We are super excited about the prospect of clean hydrogen, we at Deloitte have put a lot of our attention globally into it as you may have heard others have heard, we committed a billion dollars to climate and sustainability around the world and a good portion of that is going to making low carbon intensity hydrogen a reality for everyone, so we’re excited about it.”

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