Creating Clean Hydrogen Ecosystems: An Overview of U.S. Policy

Matthew Manning, Senior Advisor, Office of International Market Development from the U.S. Department of Energy

Scaling Up: Advancing PEM Electrolysis for Industrial Viability

Will Palmer, Applications Engineer from Hystar

Driving Down the Cost of Green Hydrogen Facilities

Joe Grochmal P.E., Director of Engineering for Hydrogen from Kiewit

Scaling up H2 Electrolyzer Technology to Create a Sustainable Future

Isabel Castro, Electrolyzer Marketing Director – Americas from Accelera by Cummins

Industrialization of PEM Electrolyzer Stacks – The Enabler of your Hydrogen Production Strategy!

Dr. Martin Hering, Senior Business Development Manager from Robert Bosch LLC

Commercial Green Hydrogen Production: From Small to Large Scale Production

Matthias Holtmann, Senior Technical Project Manager from RWE

Accelerating Development of Industrial Scale Green Molecule Projects

Seth Sakamoto, Director of Accounts from Electric Hydrogen

Creating Clean Hydrogen Ecosystems: An Overview of U.S. Policy

Dr. Helmut Lademann, Electrochemical Expert and MD of R2 GmbH

Ortho-Para Catalyst for Hydrogen Liquefaction

Danny Beissinger, Green Energy Business Development Manager from Molecular Products

Empowering Industries with Cost-Effective Green Hydrogen

Deepak Bawa, CEO from Splitwaters

Sunlight Direct to Hydrogen

Chris Simuro, CEO, BoMax Hydrogen, LLC

Dr. Deborah Maxwell, Chief Science Officer, BoMax Hydrogen, LLC

Large Scale Clean Energy for Steel Decarbonization

Pravin C. Mathur, Ph.D, Executive Director – Global Clean Energy | Global Key Accounts – Steel from Linde

Efficiencies in Thermal Transfer and Responsive Temperature Control

Matt Queen, Vice President of Sales from Huber USA

Issues and Considerations for Sealing Hydrogen

Stephen Bond PhD FRSC, Vice President of R&D, Flexitallic

Interviewed by Alex Lattimer, New Energy Business Development Director, Flexitallic

Celadyne Dura Enabled Membranes to Unlock Hydrogen

Gary Ong, CEO from Celadyne Technologies, Inc.

PEM Fuel Cell for Marine and Heavy Duty Applications

Hans-Peter Klein, Chief Operating Officer from Teco 2030 AS

How a Pioneer in Motion is Driving Innovation in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Commercialization

Jeff Hemphill, CTO from Schaeffler Americas

Distributed Methane Pyrolysis: How and Why to Make Better Use of Carbon

Mack Hopen, Sr. Manager of Commercialization, Modern Hydrogen

Cutting Edge Sensors: Innovations in Hydrogen Emissions Detection and Measurement


Morgan Rote, Director of U.S. Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

  • Christine Watson, Technology Manager – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • David Pearman, Research Engineer, Element One
  • Scott Herndon, Principal Scientist, Aerodyne

Manufacturing and Hydrogen

Tom White, Chemical Engineer from Re:Build Manufacturing

Keep your ion the Prize: Unlocking the Hydrogen Export Market through Derivatives

Dr. Cynthia Pierre Threatte, Portfolio Manager, Hydrogen Vectors from bp

Supplemental Resource Availability for Hydrogen Carbon Management, Water, and Workforce

Eugene Holubnyak, Director of Hydrogen Energy Research Center, University of Wyoming

INNOVATE UK Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) HYDROGEN, USA


Dr Dilruk Yahathugoda, Project Manager – Global Programmes, Innovate UK


  • Alistair Gemmell, CEO, GeoPura Ltd
  • Andrea Trevisan, Head of Sales, Intelligent Energy Ltd
  • Nick Van Dijk, CEO, Oort Energy Ltd
  • Matt Candy, CEO, Steamology Motion Ltd
  • Ekam Sandhu, Scientist, Wild Hydrogen Ltd
  • Mel Courtney, Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer, Catagen Ltd
  • Tom Knight, CEO, Bohr Limited
  • Steven Lua, CEO, Unitrove Innovation Ltd
  • Caroline Mantoura, Director, HiiROC Ltd
  • Victor Vorsatz, Strategy Associate, Protium Green Solutions Ltd
  • Chetan Laddha, CEO, Biofoundry Energy Ltd
  • Mohammed Bangi, Staff Engineer, BPP Technical Services Ltd
  • Koji Muto, CEO, Ki Hydrogen Ltd

Idea – Strategy – Realization: CI and Key Project Development Considerations

Lori Carter, Senior Principal, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Eric Amundsen, Senior Energy Transition Consultant, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

The Crucial Role of Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies

Daniel González, Global Technical Lead for Hydrogen from Bureau Veritas

Powering Gigawatt Size Green Hydrogen Facilities – Economies of Scale

Akshitha Manivannan, Sales Specialist – High Power Rectifiers from ABB Inc

Topsoe, Power-to-X

Nikolaj Knudsen, Head of Business Development from Topsoe

Driving the Energy Transition: The Role of H-TEC SYSTEMS, a Volkswagen Subsidiary, in Leading the Green Hydrogen Movement

Jonas Wahl, VP Product & Operations from H-TEC SYSTEMS

UK Hydrogen Research Hub: Hydrogen Integration for Accelerated Energy Transitions (HI-ACT)

Salman Farrukh, Post-doctoral Researcher from the University of Birmingham

Hydrogen Market Updates

Tim Hard, SVP Energy Transition from Argus

Accelerating Green Hydrogen Production with Advanced Membrane Design

Laura Geiman, Business Development North America, W. L. Gore & Associates

The Importance of Technology Neutrality in Hydrogen Policy

Haley Armstrong, Partner from AJW, Inc

Global Hydrogen Supply Chain Potential to Collaborate with the Americas


Hidenori Saka, Director, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Office |Smart Community and Energy Systems Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)


  • Toshihiko AWANO, Ph.D., General Manager for Technical | Domestic Value Chain Group | Ammonia Value Chain Project Department | Business Development Division, IHI Corporation
  • Kojiro Nakagawa, Ph.D., Group Manager | Hydrogen Supply Chain Planning Group | Hydrogen Business Department, ENEOS Corporation
  • Taku Hasegawa, Manager | Hydrogen Strategy Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

H2FCP – California’s National Mobility Strategy

Bill Elrick, Executive Director, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership

Tapping into the Low Carbon Potential from Low Carbon Intensity Gas and Energy under 45V

Randy Lack, President, New Business from Anew Climate, LLC

Unlocking Innovation: The Power of Collaboration and Technology Validation

Ben Thomas, Director, Hydrogen Production from Mitsubishi Power

Hydrogen & RNG: Opportunities and Challenges for Reaching Net Zero

Brian Foody, CEO from Iogen Corporation

Carbon Fiber: Enabling Technology for Transport of Hydrogen through Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPVs)

Chet Moon, Director of Technical Services from Toray Group

Modeling and Simulation Benefits Hydrogen Technology R&D

Toochukwu (“Toochi”) Onwuliri, Technical Account Manager from COMSOL

Introduction of Mechanical Stress/Strain Measurement Technology for Structural Fatigue Analysis in Hydrogen Environment

Takahiro James Hara, Sales Engineer from Kyowa Americas Inc.

Scaling U.S. Hydrogen Innovation: thyssenkrupp nucera’s Path to Peak Performance

Eric Lavoisier Salcedo, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager from thyssenkrupp nucera

Novel Sorption Enhanced Reforming for Low Carbon Hydrogen Production

Tim Rembold, Vice President – Petrochemicals from SLB

Hydrogen Policies Throughout the States

Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder and Executive Director from United States Hydrogen Alliance (USHA)

Driving Hydrogen Demand with Innovation


Kristine Wiley, Vice President, Low Carbon Energy Solutions, GTI Energy


  • Melanie Bergier, Vice President, Strategy, Sustainability and Transformation, Airbus Americas, Inc.
  • Somali Tomczak, Director Customer Solutions, Nicor Gas
  • Jennifer States, Director of Ports, Momentum; and Blue Sky Maritime Coalition
  • Rachel Starr, U.S. Policy Manager, Zero-Carbon Fuels and Transportation Decarbonization, Clean Air Task Force

Sensus; a Xylem Brand

Estelle Feider-Blazer, Product Manager Renewable Energy and Smart Gas Solutions, Sensus a Xylem Brand

HydrogenHive: The Global Platform for Hydrogen Education and Connectivity

Sashe Annett, CEO, HydrogenHive

Rushab Shah, Founder and CEO, OneHive

Meet & Partner with Hydrogen Pioneers in the Americas Region

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