During the premier gathering for the global hydrogen community in the Americas region at the #H2Americas2023 Summit & Exhibition, we spoke to global and regional #hydrogen and #energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry, including an interview with Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President & CEO of Air products.

“We are the largest producer of hydrogen in the world, so as a result, anytime there is a conference related to hydrogen, we want to be there and today particularly I’m very honored that they had asked me to be on the panel to discuss about hydrogen’s future, what we are doing about hydrogen, why we are involved in hydrogen, and therefore I had a chance to have that interview and I’m very glad to be here, and it’s not just me we have pretty large contingent of our people here, we have a booth here and more than 10 of our people here to participate in the whole discussion with the government and all.

We need to do something about climate change, the only way to address the issue of CO2 emissions in the world is to convert to hydrogen, that will have a significant impact, I talked about the need for the governments to be supportive of that because the energy transition will not happen without a direct support of the governments, and the third thing that I talked about is that we do have the technologies, the know-how to take action today, and therefore that is why my company is taking actions right now to address.

As a result of the industry together, we were able to work with the government and get the IRA legislation done, which is a significant climate change legislation that is going to go a long way to help with the energy transition. So by the industry working together, we can coordinate the activities, but most importantly, is try to be a voice, and a force to explain to the governments that we do have the technologies, we can take action, help us…help the world basically.

The key initiatives that we are taking as a company, is that we are actually building industrial scale, broader scale, facilities to produce the clean hydrogen. My company is investing $20 Billion into it. So we are creating the supply and now we are working with the Government to help us create the demand by encouraging users, to use the clean energy, although it might be more expensive, and it will be more expensive that the dirty energy that they use.

I really encourage the young people to keep the heat on the policy makers because people like me are not going to be around another 100 years, but the younger people are going to be, and it is going to be their war that is going to be seriously affected if they don’t take action, today.”

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