Dr. Richard Mackay has more than 30 years’ experience as a research scientist, including work on gas phase separation membranes, coatings and catalysts, much of it related to the energy industry.  He joined Molecular Products 5 years ago and leads the R&D team there.

 Prior to joining Molecular Products he worked on the material science challenges of several energy related projects, including solid oxide fuel cells, mixed ionic electronic conductors for oxygen separation, and non-palladium based metallic hydrogen separation membranes. He also worked with a start-up company focused on commercializing the conversion of biomass to bio-based liquid fuel. 

 Molecular Products is a Pure Air Technologies company and leading manufacturer of advanced chemistry-based products serving the healthcare, defense and industrial markets.  Molecular Products is the manufacturer of an ortho- to para-hydrogen conversion catalyst used in hydrogen liquefaction.

 Richard earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Iowa State University, and his B.S. in Chemistry at University of California, Riverside.

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