Henk Kleef - CEO - HyGear

Henk Kleef


Henk Kleef is currently CEO of HyGear and has a long track record of managing energy sustainable solutions for transport and industrial applications. Henk holds a Master of Science in business administration from the University of Groningen. He has more than 30 years of extensive experience in international industries, including energy and sustainable mobility. He previously held senior leadership positions in the areas of strategic business development, technology innovations and organizational development.

HyGears’ mission is founded on the belief that hydrogen is the fuel of tomorrow. HyGear is fervently working towards establishing an ecosystem that revolutionizes the traditional paradigm of centralized hydrogen production and delivery through road transportation. Through cutting-edge hydrogen production methods, HyGear offers a more sustainable and economically sound alternative. That is why, HyGear is leading in on-site (renewable) hydrogen production.

Now part of the HoSt group, we offer a full scope of technologies under a single roof, technologies such as Carbon Capture systems, De-Oxo solutions, Gas Recycling and Hydrogen Purification installations. Combining the solutions of HoSt BioEnergy solutions for renewable gas production and purification, HyGears’ customer have access to renewable bio-hydrogen solutions.

Optimal customer support is provided from various regional locations and have a strong focus on the North American market with our HQ in Vancouver WA.

With over twenty years of experience in developing, manufacturing and servicing hydrogen generation and hydrogen purification systems, Hygear is the expert you are looking for.

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